Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oregon School Using Social Media to Engage Students

Here's an interesting article from the Oregon Education Association about how one school is using social media to keep students engaged -- and teach them about technology. 

George Middle School in Portland utilizes blogs, texting, videos and other technologies to help students master social media techniques, according to Elizabeth Delmatoff. Six teachers are currently using classroom pages and social media groups for assignments.

Here's the best part:

"Most amazing of all, we created an online, no credit, no grade, extra work group. Kids log on and do school work," Delmatoff wrote in an article posted on the Oregon Education Association's web site. "School work for absolutely no reason, other than the love of learning. They now have what we wanted for them all along – all because we were willing to think differently."
Check out the full story online. 

~ Melissa M. 


  1. You buried the lead!

    Their SoMe guru is Idaho's own Karl Meinhardt (www.EdSoMe.org) -

    Don't worry, Melissa, Oregon buried theirs too. Readers, check out the very last paragraph. A *majority* of students are doing homework online... for zero credit. The power of SoMe (and intrinsic motivation!)

    Norris Krueger @entrep_thinking

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