Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tax Time is an "Opportunity" to Help Idaho Students

The looming deadline of April 15th for 2009 Idaho State Tax returns provides a real opportunity for Idaho students and citizens.

The Office of the Idaho State Board of Education reminds all Idahoans who have yet to file their 2009 Idaho State Tax Return that they can help hundreds of Gem State students in their pursuit of post-secondary education.

“The Opportunity Scholarship helps those who really are most in need,” said Student Affairs Program Manager Dana Kelly. “With a simple check of a box on your state return you are helping students who indeed need that help, that opportunity that only education can provide.”

The Idaho Legislature passed H0615 which provides a mechanism through which Idahoans can direct a portion of their state tax refund to the Opportunity Scholarship. Established in 2007, the Opportunity Scholarship provides a much needed financial bridge for students who have little to no means to pay for their higher education. Since its inception, the Opportunity Scholarship has served hundreds of Idaho students.

Record enrollment growth at many Idaho institutions of public education is creating a scenario where the demand for need-based aid is at an all time peak. You can help by simply directing a portion of your tax refund to the Opportunity Scholarship fund on your 2009 Idaho Tax Return.

Learn more about the Opportunity Scholarship.

~ Melissa M.

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