Friday, June 18, 2010

Idaho Digital Learning Academy Honors Its Top Teachers

Idaho Digital Learning Academy honored seven of its outstanding online instructors during its annual Summer Conference this week. Out of more than 200 Idaho Digital Learning teachers, the winners were selected because they achieved the highest scores in student evaluations, creatively manage and support online learning, provide outstanding intervention strategies to students, and give exceptional feedback on student assignments.

Idaho Digital Learning Academy was created by the Idaho Legislature in 2002. The state online school serves current has 14,300 enrollments.

The 2009-2010 Best Practices recipients are:
  • Electives/Driver Education: Kevin Ramsey
  • PE/Heath: Theresa Carter
  • English: Sarah Remacle
  • Math: Teresa Dodge
  • Science: Sue Bodden
  • Social Studies: Jenny Johnston
  • Foreign Languages: Briana Livingston

The winners received recognition and an award for their accomplishments. Congratulations to these outstanding teachers!

~ Melissa M.

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