Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two Districts Combine Sports Teams

Reporter Kerri Sandaine at the Lewiston Tribune had a great story on her blog last week I thought you all might find of interest.

Two school districts in northern Idaho came up with an innovative way to share resources this year – they’ve decided to combine sports programs.

The Culdesac Wolves and Highland Huskies have worked out an agreement where neither school will lose its mascot. Instead, some sports programs will belong to the Wolves and some to the Huskies.

Cross country, girls basketball, boys baseball and tennis will be based in Culdesac. Volleyball, boys basketball and girls softball will be based in the Highland district. They're still working out the details for track and field and have agreements with other schools to share resources in football.

Get all the details on Kerri’s blog.

~ Melissa M.

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