Monday, September 27, 2010

2nd Annual Idaho Math Cup Kicks Off Today

The second annual Idaho Math Cup kicks off today in schools across the state, Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna announced.

As part of the Idaho Math Initiative, Apangea Math hosts the annual Idaho Math Cup, which challenges students to build their math skills by solving more complex math problems.

“The Idaho Math Cup has been a great success in motivating Idaho’s kids even more to build a strong foundation in math and improve on the great progress they have made,” Superintendent Luna said.

The Idaho Math Cup contest runs September 27 through October 24.  During this month, classes of students will compete to solve problems on Apangea Math. The winning class will bring home the Idaho Math Cup along with a class grand prize, which includes a “Family Activity Pack.” The contest also features individual prizes for students, including a Nintendo Wii Bundle, iPod Touches or retail gift cards.

Last year, students in Mr. John Keiser’s 6th grade class at White Pine Elementary School in Boise won the statewide Idaho Math Cup. The students were so excited about the competition, they began showing up at school as early as 7 a.m. to work on Apangea – more than an hour before school started at 8:45 a.m.

For full details, visit the Idaho Math Cup page on Facebook.

Apangea Math, a web-based supplemental math instruction tool, has helped raise student achievement in mathematics by providing extra assistance to students who struggle in math and advanced opportunities to those students who excel.

Take a look at this video to see how Apangea Math has made a real difference in the lives of students at White Pine Elementary School in Boise as well as other schools across Idaho.

~ Melissa M.

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