Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Albertson Foundation, Idaho Statesman Sponsor Statewide Contests for Students through 2011

For the first time in our history, according to the Lumina Foundation, this generation of students in the United States is at risk of being less educated than the generation before it.

It doesn’t mean that every citizen needs a bachelor’s degree. It simply means that our students need to go on to apprenticeships, go on to associate degrees, go on to certificates, go on to professional technical training, and go on to better jobs and a better quality of life.

The J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation and the Idaho Statesman are sponsoring a series of contests over the next year to draw attention to this need.

These contests are not just for students in the Treasure Valley. They are for Idaho students all across our great state. 

A panel of judges will select the best essay each time around. The winner will get $275!

The Foundation and the Statesman sponsored contests throughout 2010 and will continue in 2011. They’ve already awarded $275 to three students and one Idaho teacher.

The essay contest for November is due today.

Here are the upcoming essay contests in 2011:

January 2011: “It's a New Year. Is It Your Time to Go On?”
Students who go on to college or advanced training are more likely to vote and exercise their civic rights and responsibilities. This upcoming July 4, how will you show that you are a good citizen?

February 2011: Are You a Creative Thinker?
It's important to take the tough classes and be prepared, but getting ready for post-secondary education involves a bit of creative thinking, too. Thinking outside the box can help you solve problems, boost critical thinking and make you more productive — whether you're faced with writing a poem or tackling a math problem or organizing a group volunteer effort. How are you being creative, and how is it helping you Go On?

April 2011: Choosing the Tough Option: Are You Taking the Right Classes?
It's time to register for your classes for next fall. Are you taking the easy way out or are you registering for the tough classes? Tell us about the advanced placement or math and science classes you're choosing. Why are you doing it?

May 2011: Who is Helping You Go On?
Going on to higher education or training isn't the work of just one person — everyone needs a little help to achieve their goals. Who is helping you? Is it a teacher, an older sibling, a relative, a parent or a friend? Let us know about your mentor by showing us how he or she helps you stay focused on your goals.

Check back to the Idaho Statesman for specifics on the essay contests for 2011, including upcoming deadlines. 

~ Melissa M.

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