Thursday, December 2, 2010

Superintendent Luna Urges Attorney General to Stop Legal Battle on Cottage Sites

Here is Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna’s reaction to the Idaho Supreme Court’s decision on Wednesday regarding the Land Board’s decision on cottage site lease rates.

“At this point, what is best for kids is to stop spending precious tax dollars on attorneys in this case. As I said before, if the Attorney General thinks the current cottage site lease rates are unconstitutional, then as a fellow member of the Land Board he needs to put a motion on the table that he believes is constitutional and let the Board debate it in a public forum. We've already spent too many tax dollars on this matter and going to district court without first putting a proposal on the table will just continue to cost taxpayers, and ultimately schoolchildren, dollars that are need elsewhere.”

Read the full Associated Press story about the case.

~ Melissa M.

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