Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Supt. Luna, Congressional Leaders Celebrate Idaho's Exceptional Congressional Award Recipients

Superintendent Luna joined the Governor and members of Idaho's congressional delegation this morning in congratulating Idaho's Congressional Award Medal recipients. 68 young Idahoans were awarded Bronze, Silver, or Gold Congressional Award Medals in the ceremony, which was hosted by KTVB Boise's Doug Petcash. A moment of silence was observed in honor of the late Kathryn Benoit, who was among the Idaho youths who had earned the prestigious gold medal. Congressmen remarked on the dedication of these young people and the impact they had on their communities.

The Congressional Award Medal was created in 1979 to be given to young people ages 14 through 23 who accomplish goals in Volunteer Public Service, Personal Development, Physical Fitness, and Expedition/Exploration.

The Congressional Award is a voluntary, non-competitive program open to young Americans of any gender, race, academic or athletic ability, or socioeconomic background. It is an incentive and recognition from the United States Congress for any young person who wishes to excel, accepts the challenge of setting personal goals, and masters those goals through discipline and hard work.

Listed below are Idaho's recipients:


Jennifer Benton
Julia Broderick
Kelsey Bunce
Wyatt Bunce
Hannah Cross
Madison Dahlquist
Shannon Davidson
Sean Edington
Claire Goss
Courtney Haight
Joel Parker Heisey
Jaclyn Hunt
Frank Jameson
Rex Kelly
Matthew Liscinsky
Josie Lyman
Caleb Mattox
Austin Nalen
Rebecca Page
Sydney Sales
Jason Schenk
Jericho Schroeder


April Adamson
Vincent Adamson
Blake Alfson
Hayden Amaro
Tim Atwell
Joshua Benton
Cory Buckley
Nicolas Buckley
Austin Day
Silas Domy
Jonathan Etters
Esther Frederick
Michaela Gerard
Maggie Heidenreich
Olivia Heisey
Rachel Hooper
Brock Hulsey
Nellie Makings
Chase McKelvey
A. Prescott Pettiette
Steven Price
Joshua Renn
Amber Rubens
Bailey Seamens-Anderson
Thane Sweard
Lacey Teske
Lance Teske
Jessica Tweedie


Dakota Barnes
Kathryn Benoit
Steven Boomhower
Abigail Burk
Zana Davey
Nathaniel Goss
Elizabeth Harris
Jocelyn Hepton
Danielle Hooper
Maleah Huggins
John Langdon
John Langfield
Breanna Lee
Stacie Monaghan
Jeremiah Patchin
Kylee Richmond
Rachel Spencer
Ashley Stucki


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