Friday, September 16, 2011

Superintendent Luna Celebrates Academic Success at Two Great Idaho Schools

What a great day to get out and visit schools! 

Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna visited two schools in the Treasure Valley today.

First, he stopped at Meridian Technical Charter High School in the Meridian School District.  The school not only focuses on core classes but also offers courses in computer networking, computer programming, electronics and engineering, and media and graphic arts.  Many of the students do internships or get jobs with local companies while still in school.

The school has implemented a one-to-one ratio of students to mobile computing devices (specifically, netbooks) which students use in every subject area from earth science and English to business mathematics and U.S. government.  It was great to talk with students, teachers and principal Chris Housel about the integration of technology in the classroom.

From Meridian, we traveled to the Caldwell School District where Superintendent Luna was invited to speak at Syringa Middle School’s schoolwide assembly.  Students at Syringa Middle have made great academic progress over the past five years.

The number of students reading at grade level has increased from 72% to 92%. Among Hispanic students, the percent reading at grade level has increased from 64% to 90%.

The school has seen the same great results in mathematics.  The number of students scoring at grade level in math has growth from 64% to 82% in five years.  Among Hispanic students, it has increased from 57% on grade level to 78%.

Superintendent Luna spoke at the schoolwide assembly to celebrate the success of Syringa Middle School’s students and teachers.  “Thank you for setting the pace for the rest of the state,” Superintendent Luna said.

Since taking office, Superintendent Luna has visited nearly 100 of the state’s 115 school districts and more than 250 schools statewide.  If you would like Superintendent Luna to visit the school in your community, let us know. Send him an e-mail.

~ Melissa M.

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