Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Math Contest Will Motivate Thousands of Idaho Students to “Do More Math” this Fall

Apangea Learning Inc., (http://www.apangea.com/), in conjunction with the Idaho State Department of Education, will kick off the 3rd Annual Idaho Math Cup. Students across the state will be battling to win the title of Idaho Math Cup Champion. Last year’s champion was Lisa Frost’s math class at the Idaho Virtual Academy. This year’s winning class will receive the coveted Idaho Math Cup and an awards ceremony where each student will receive special recognition, complete with customized certificates and t-shirts. Apangea will also name Regional Class Champions--who will receive a special pizza party prize package--and Individual Champions--receiving movie passes, Amazon Gift Cards and an Xbox 360.

“I am excited to announce the third annual Idaho Math Cup! The Math Cup is a great way to motivate Idaho students to improve their academic achievement while having fun,” Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna said. “Through web-based Apangea Math, students who struggle and those who are advanced have the opportunity to compete against other schools and classrooms in the state to solve complex math problems. I wish every student and classroom the best of luck.”

Find more details at the dedicated Apangea Idaho Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/ApangeaMathIdaho, check out http://www.apangea.com/ or hear stories from last year’s winners at Apangea Learning's YouTube channel.

The Idaho State Department of Education provides Apangea Math to students as a part of the Idaho Math Initiative. Students can access Apangea from school, at home, or from any computer with internet access including any Idaho Public Library through the Idaho Commission for Libraries’ Online @ Your Library Broadband Technology Opportunities Program. Apangea has been helping thousands of struggling kids across Idaho since 2008 with online supplemental instructional and tutoring programs.

“Doing math can and should be fun. Kids in Idaho are going to compete in a class v. class format to win the Idaho Math Cup. Many students will do extra math during the evenings and weekends to help their class get ahead. While the contest is great fun, it is also a great springboard to math success this year and beyond,” said Louis Piconi, Apangea’s Chief Education Officer, VP of National Accounts and Co-Founder.

To learn more about the Idaho Math Initiative, please visit www.sde.idaho.gov/site/math/ and click on the “Idaho Math Initiative” link.

About Apangea Learning

Apangea Learning (http://www.apangea.com/) is a pioneer in developing cost-effective, one-on-one online math tutoring services for students in elementary through high schools across the United States. School districts purchase seat licenses for Apangea’s services and provide access to their students during the school day and after hours from home. Individual families and students may also subscribe directly. With its programs based on one of the world's largest bodies of cognitive research (originally conducted by the U.S. military), Apangea has both strong technical resources and a content-development prowess that enables it to harness advanced Web technologies and offer innovative instruction techniques. The privately owned company is based in Pittsburgh, PA.

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