Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Last week, Joint School District No. 2 in Meridian held its district Technology Conference to showcase how teachers are currently using technology in the classroom and new ways in which they can help engage 21st century learners.

In one session, teachers Erin Tiderman and Karen Miller conducted a session on integrating digital tools into secondary classrooms.

In the following clip, Erin shares the fun, free tool Powers of Ten on the Sponge Lab website. Powers of Ten is a scrolling, magnification simulation that helps students relate scale and size, from planets on a universal scale to DNA on a microscopic scale.  Erin also uses Powers of Ten to begin teaching her students scientific notation.

This is just one of several great examples I saw of classroom technology throughout the day. Thanks to Joint School District No. 2 for another great Technology Conference!

~ Camille W.

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