Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Idaho has contracted with HP to manage the rollout and implementation of a 1:1 ratio of students and teachers to devices in every public high school in Idaho. This rollout is part of the Students Come First laws to help ensure every child has equal access to the best educational opportunities, no matter where they live.

After a competitive process, the State of Idaho has selected HP to procure the 1:1 laptop devices. The device is the HP ProBook 4440s.

Idaho signed a contract with HP on October 23, 2012. HP and the Idaho State Department of Education will now work together to develop a detailed plan for deploying devices, professional development and other services for teachers and principals in this first school year as well as scheduling the deployment of devices to students next school year and in future years.

The Idaho State Department of Education estimates high school teachers will begin receiving devices near the beginning of the spring semester along with professional development opportunities throughout the spring and summer.

Idaho has contracted with HP for a managed service that includes the following:
  • HP ProBook 4440s device
  • Maintenance of devices
  • Security on devices
  • Technology support for devices
  • Professional development for teachers and school administrators
  • Wireless infrastructure in every Idaho high school
Idaho is paying $249.77 per student/teacher for the managed service of providing the device, maintenance, security and technology support. If you include wireless infrastructure and professional development, the state is paying $292.77 per student/teacher.

The statewide contract includes:
  • 3% spare devices for students to swap out immediately in case a device needs maintenance. Any devices that are broken or damaged will be repaired at HP’s Boise campus.
  • Batteries that last the length of the school day.
  • Wireless in every Idaho high school by December 2013. The first one-third of schools scheduled to receive devices for students in Fall 2013 will be equipped with wireless infrastructure before school begins next year.
  • Professional development provided by HP, in partnership with Idaho Digital Learning Academy.
  • Microsoft Office Professional on every device. In addition, the standard image on the device will be customizable for each district.
  • Content filtering and anti-virus software
  • 7 GB of cloud storage and collaboration space
  • 4-year warranty on every device


  1. Props 1, 2 and 3 were already a bad idea, but to add HP in the mix is to ensure failure. HP has got to be one of the worst tech companies ever, they even have said they are pulling out of the PC marketplace and focusing on imaging. This is awful not just because it's HP but because the maintenance of each computer has to have a physical IT guy upgrade and what-not. Why not use a Chromebook? Cheaper hardware and easier control of user accounts.. remotely.

    iPads would have been a better idea, no moving parts. I wish Luna would make better informed decisions with the help of people that actually know tech.

    Please reconsider your options and look at the longterm costs Mr. Luna

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. While I am no fan of the 1-to-1 initiative, I could not disagree with your comment more. Your suggestion that an iPad is a reduction in long-term costs, or even a viable candidate is, well, wrong. It is not. To even suggest so requires considerable naivete. iPads (iOS) is not a secure, multiuser environment. Management VIA a MDM is nothing short of horrid, and purchasing apps using Apple's VPP is a nightmare. I am no HP fanboy, but I would take an HP over ANYTHING APPLE in an enterprise environment, especially iOS devices.

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