Monday, May 6, 2013


Schools across Idaho now have the opportunity to put their visions for the next-generation classroom into action. The Idaho State Department of Education announced today that schools can now apply for the Idaho Technology Pilot Project funds.

“The demand for more technology in the classroom among students, teachers, and parents continues to grow. It’s clear in the 21st Century that technology is a critical tool to help engage students and raise academic achievement,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna said. “Through the Idaho Technology Pilot Program, the state will identify effective classroom technologies that can be fully integrated at any grade level and will be scalable and sustainable in any school statewide to make sure every child and every teacher – no matter where they live – have equal access to the necessary tools and the best educational opportunities.”

The Idaho Legislature appropriated $3 million in funding for technology pilot projects in K-12 public schools. The goal is for schools to pilot ways that the effective use of technology in elementary and secondary schools can help improve student achievement.

The Idaho State Department of Education worked with a committee of experts in education technology to design the application process.

To be eligible, a pilot project must be designed to improve student academic growth and financial efficiencies throughout an entire school. The project must be scalable to other schools in Idaho and sustainable statewide after the technology pilot period ends. The grant funding for the pilot projects will be for one fiscal year. Local school districts can plan to implement the pilot projects over a one-year or two-year period.

Each application must include a research component that shows how the school will evaluate student achievement and other measures. At the end of the technology pilot period, the state will evaluate the pilot projects and identify best practices for how the state can improve education for every child by providing the necessary instructional technology in every classroom in the state.

Only one application per school is permitted. The state will accept multiple applications from a district.

Grant proposals must be submitted via e-mail to the Idaho State Department of Education before midnight (MST) on June 14, 2013. Awardees will be announced before the beginning of July, when funding becomes available.

Download the grant application online.

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