Wednesday, June 5, 2013


To be a student in Lindsey Hoffman-Truxel’s class at Barbara Morgan Elementary School in McCall is truly an adventure. Every year, Truxel strives to turn her classroom – and her school – into a leader in math and science education by incorporating hands-on, innovative projects that bring classroom lessons to life for every child.

She partners with government agencies and community organizations so her students can connect with experts in the fields of engineering, astronomy, biology, chemistry, and other areas to see how the lessons they learn in the classroom apply in real-world situations. Her students have sent data to NASA, studying fish and plants, and using microscopes and telescopes. She also brought Camp Invention to her school and has been able to share the funding, monitoring, and supervision opportunity with other teachers.

Right now, she is working with four government agencies on a special innovative project that teaches her students about invasive species of weeds and the nitrogen cycle. The Knapweed Project has allowed students to learn about botany, soil characteristics, and land stewardship.

For these reasons, Truxel is one of eleven teachers who won 2013 Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators. The award is given to educators who demonstrate exceptional work as leaders in environmental education, integrating environmental education into their lessons, and connecting students with their communities and the natural world.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Director for Region 10 Jim Wentz was in McCall today to recognize Truxel for her work and innovation. Scott Smith, Idaho’s STEM Coordinator, traveled to McCall to participate in today’s events.

Congratulations to Lindsey Truxel and her great work!

Schools across the McCall-Donnelly School District focus on energy efficiency and incorporating these efforts into their lesson plans. Take a look at the innovative work we saw happening during our visit to McCall schools back in 2010.

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