Monday, May 19, 2014


This month, Idaho students finished their “Race to 14 Million” challenge by solving 14 million complex math problems while using Think Through Math (TTM), a web-based math solution for grades 3-Algebra I provided by the Idaho State Department of Education through the Idaho Math Initiative. 

The challenge was created by the Idaho State Department of Education with the specific intention of increasing student achievement by tracking problems completed from August 15- August 1 of each year.

This year marks the largest number of problems completed in Idaho. Last year, Idaho students exceeded the “Race to 10 Million” goal by solving approximately 12.9 million math problems on Think Through Math by August.  This year, not only did Idaho students reach the 14 million goal, but they accomplished this goal on May 10, three months ahead of schedule.

“Congratulations to Idaho students!” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna. “At the beginning of the school year, we knew setting a goal of solving 14 million complex mathematics problem was high, but our students have exceeded our expectations, just as they always do.”

More than 26,000 students completed problems on TTM, using the system both in school and at home. TTM’s anytime, anywhere math policy motivates students to work on math outside of school hours, including evening and weekend hours when they have access to live teachers.

“My kids love the program so much that they ask if they can stay in from recess to work on Think Through Math,” said Kathy McClendon, fifth grade teacher at Eagle Hills Elementary School in the Meridian School District.

The Idaho State Department of Education began providing Think Through Math to all public schools in Idaho in 2008, as part of the Idaho Math Initiative. The program is designed to build math muscle by supplementing classroom instruction with adaptive, problem-based instruction. Live tutors are available to assist students who struggle. A robust motivation system rewards effort and engages students to spend more time doing math.

Learn more about Think Through Math on the Idaho Math Initiative website.

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