Thursday, June 12, 2014

Requests for Idaho Technology Pilot Grant Funding Soar by 34%

The State Department of Education announced today it received 99 applications for the Idaho Technology Pilot Program.  The applications totaled more than $26 million in requests for funding, amounting to a nearly 34% increase in funding requests from last year.

The Idaho Technology Pilot Program is a competitive grant program.  The goal is for schools to pilot ways that innovative and effective use of technology in elementary and secondary schools can help improve student achievement.  This is the second year the Idaho Legislature has appropriated $3 million in funding for technology pilot projects in K-12 public schools. 

“Since 2007, we have worked to make sure every student has equal access to the best educational opportunities.  The increase in technology grant applications is evidence we need a statewide solution to closing the digital divide,” said Superintendent Luna.  “Pilots must be just the beginning, not the end.  Parents shouldn’t have to hope their child is lucky enough to attend a school that was fortunate enough to receive a grant.”

To be eligible, a pilot project must be designed to improve student academic growth and financial efficiencies throughout an entire school. The project must be scalable to other schools in Idaho and sustainable statewide after the technology pilot period ends. The grant funding for the pilot projects will be for one fiscal year. Local school districts can plan to implement the pilot projects over a one-year or two-year period.

Grant proposals will be blind reviewed by a committee representing educational stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, and representatives of higher education.

Awardees will be announced before the beginning of July, when funding becomes available. 

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