Friday, August 15, 2014

Student Scores Increase in Critical Reading, Mathematics During 2014 SAT School Day

Scores increased in reading and math for nearly 17,000 Idaho high school juniors who took part in the 2014 SAT School Day last April.

“These results are more evidence that student achievement in Idaho continues to increase and that Idaho’s high school students are moving in the right direction as they prepare to ‘go on’ to postsecondary education.” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna. “I’m convinced this trend will continue and excited to see even more students strive as they ‘go on’ into college and their careers.”

On average, compared to previous test results, students scored about two percent better in critical reading and math, but scored two percent less in writing. While the mean score in writing did drop slightly, students made between a five and six percent increase in the skill categories dealing with grammatical relationships and structures. 

The average critical reading score in 2014 was 464, compared to 454 in 2013. In mathematics, the scores increased from 453 to 461. Overall in 2014 the number of students who scored a 700 or better in critical reading increased 33.2 percent.

The biggest score increase from 2013 to 2014 was with critical reading questions dealing with reasoning and inference. These questions challenge students to understand assumptions, suggestions and implications in reading and to draw informed conclusions. Overall, students correctly answered 17.7 percent more questions in that category.

In 2007, the Idaho State Board of Education and Idaho Legislature approved high school graduation requirements starting with the class of 2013 requiring students to complete a college entrance exam such as the SAT. The State of Idaho makes this possible by funding SAT School Day in which all high school juniors can take the SAT or ACCUPLACER exam, paid for by the state.

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Editor’s Note: Please take caution in reading and reporting the data on Idaho SAT School Day versus national results that are released for the ACT and SAT. The Idaho SAT School Day data only measures the results of Idaho high school juniors taking the SAT paid for by the state. The national results for the ACT and SAT measure the results of a cohort of students (sophomores, juniors and seniors) who graduate in a given year and selected to take the SAT or ACT during their high school years.

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