Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna issued the following statement regarding the results of the November 6 election:

“I still believe that Idahoans want better schools through education reform. I still believe that empowering local school boards, phasing out tenure, giving parents input on evaluations, helping students take dual credit, paying teachers for more than just years of experience and amount of education, and making sure every classroom is a 21st Century Classroom are critical if we want an education system that meets the needs of every child. We have now had a 22-month discussion about what this should look like. I understand Idahoans have expressed concerns, yet I do not believe any Idahoan wants to go back to the status quo system we had two years ago. I am as committed as anyone to finding a way to make this happen. We must find a way because our children’s future is at stake.”


  1. Now all the stakeholders can be involved in making appropriate decisions for education reform in Idaho. Big business has no place in deciding public education policy. They can start private schools and decide their own policy. Public schools cannot be and should not be run as businesses. The Idaho people have spoken. Loud and clear and non-partisan!

  2. Mr. Luna, Idaho tossed your laws. Your statement shows little except your incredible state of denial. "Concerns?" That's what you think? How is is that schools went from doing so well before the election to needing this complete overhaul right after? Answer that one, please.