Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Guest Post: Engaging students with Edmodo

Today is National Digital Learning Day!  To celebrate we’ve asked educators across the state to share their ideas on different facets of digital learning in the classroom. Marita Diffenbaugh, a 5th grade teacher at Star Elementary in the Meridian School District, submitted the following blog post on how she uses Edmodo, an educational social media platform, to engage students. 

Fifth graders in Mrs. Diffenbaugh's class, at Star Elementary in the Meridian School District, enjoy using Edmodo ( as a tool that takes our learning beyond the traditional classroom time. Students store research, ideas, and questions on their class group through Edmodo, and then respond to one another's learning. 

Recently, students figured out how to move their multimedia projects from a mobile device, such as an iPod and iPad to their Edmodo group. This has been helpful for group projects, and for our home/school connections. Students get really excited to share these projects with their families, and Edmodo is a great tool for this. 

Sometimes, Mrs. Diffenbaugh will schedule a time in the evening to get online for a live Edmodo chat, and the students love to jump on and continue a learning discussion that started earlier in the school day.

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