Thursday, July 25, 2013

ISAS 2013 Academy 2: Day 5

The students' day began with a tour of the Micron facilities where they not only learned about the process used to create memory products using silicon wafers but they were also able to view different aspects of the research and development with these wafers. Students learned that the Boise site is primarily focused on research and development, in comparison to a focus on manufacturing.

Micron Technologies

Students were able to view the clean room where the wafers are created with the use of an Automated Materials Handling System (AMHS). This automated system bypasses the need for workers to be in direct contact with wafers. Pods take the wafers to and from different tools that are used in the manufacturing process.

Students were also allowed to tour the Surface Analysis Lab where tests are done on the wafers to assist research. The Analytical Chemstry Lab is where students watched acid dissolve a top layer off a wafer called Borophosphosilicate glass. This process is used to find exactly what is on the glass. And the Transmission Electron Microscope allowed  students to see what an atom looked like.

After Micron the students were able to participate in a rocket launch put on by Corey Morasch and J.C. Worthen. Out in a field one of the students set off the launch and it was retrieved by another student. It was a pretty exciting launch once it shot off it went turned in the wind and at the last second its chute opened. This was definitely a highlight of the day.

A student recovers the rocket. 

The students returned to the Boise State University campus to work on mission planning. With a lot of new information acquired from NASA Ames, the students had a lot to think about and discuss.

Students continue to develop their mission design. 

The final presentation of the day was from former astronaut Wendy Lawrence who spoke to the students on the physiological concerns that exist when we go out into space. Concerns such as radiation but also fluid shifts that can affect eye vision and the psychological factors of spending time in space away from home for an extended period.

Students heard a presentation from Wendy Lawerence.

You may be wondering if these kids have any fun time scheduled? Yes! Tonight was a special night in the Student Union Building where they had some recreation time including bowling, ping pong and pool. They appreciate the break as tomorrow will be another busy day at the Academy.

Thank you for reading and as always be sure to check out the Facebook and Twitter pages for more photos and frequent updates during the day.  And we hope to see you at the banquet on Saturday where the students are sure to be presenting an engaging and impressive final presentation. #ISAS


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