Friday, July 26, 2013

ISAS 2013 Academy 2: Day 6

The students' day began with a presentation from the Boise State University Microgravity Team. This team submitted a research proposal to NASA and after it was accepted they put it in over 1200 hours each to make the project ready for a flight in the 'Weightless Wonder', which is a C-9 aircraft that as it flies in parabolic curves simulates weightlessness for thirty seconds at a time. This team's research was based on preserving bone calcium and preventing osteoporosis.

The Boise State University team shares their experience with the students. 

Soon afterwards students had the opportunity to participate in a teleconference with Dan Isla who is a Boise State University graduate and Systems Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab. Mr. Isla worked on the Assembly Test and Launch Operations Team (ATLO) for the Mars Rover Curiosity and talked about the rover's activities on the planet and its instrumentation. Students posed the questions, "Who drives the rover?" And, "What is the craziest thing scientist have asked you to do with the rover?" Also, "Why does the rover go to sleep instead of working all day and all night?" 

Students participate in a teleconference with Dan Isla. 

The students had the opportunity to participate in workshops that provided a hands on approach to different career fields including wind power, chemistry, biology, cryptology, and robotics. The students worked with college students, graduate students and professors to complete different experiments in these areas of study.

A student works on a project in the workshop.

These students are working hard to prepare for the banquet on Saturday where they will present their final presentation. They have accomplished much this past week at the academy and they are excited to share what they have learned with you. We hope to see you tomorrow!

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